Tinder Does NOT Use Face or Graphics Popularity – SH Research Compact

Tinder Does NOT Use Face or Graphics Popularity – SH Research Compact

Does Tinder make use of skin reputation, or longer simply, image exposure?

Tinder users, usually after trying (and faltering) to reset her account, noting a persisting diminished fits and believing Tinder needs to be monitoring these people and inserting using the company’s previous get, or shadowban.

No, Tinder utilizes neither skin exposure, nor picture acknowledgment to recognize consumers’ identifications and link them to their unique older profiles.

This is certainly a rumor which spreading online for some time, and it is used as fact by many folks, most notably on SwipeHelper’s very own subreddit. I’ve very long arranged the fact that Tinder seriously is not creating nothing remotely as advanced to identify people, but whereas this was previously a knowledgeable imagine, I’ve today had the opportunity to prove it in an experiment:

Test: “Does Tinder Usage Face or Impression Respect?”

Design / Methods

Through lucky situations, I’d entry to three completely new telephones and names and numbers that i really could used to create Tinder pages, therefore eliminating that annoying anxiety of which problem had been responsible for a botched reset.

I used new online perform account, which have been each made up of a brand new email and contact number, and an original artificial label.

I used anonymous yahoo and google enjoy notes to peak in the accounts to get superior subscriptions, in case google stocks plastic card resources.

Each mobile was used on a new IP address.

I did not hook Instagram, myspace, or Spotify.

Hence, really commonality these Tinder profiles may have will be the facts I create during signup and profile design levels.

Image planning

For each brand new Tinder profile, i’d operate the exact same images after putting all of them through https://hookupdate.net/nl/interracial-cupid-overzicht/ the following procedure:

  1. Make a duplicate of impression with EXIF facts deleted, using the convenience bill for the residential property options throughout the Microsoft windows situation eating plan. Discover in this article just how else to remove EXIF data (and what it is).
  2. Rename the backup slightly by eliminating or replacing one letter.
  3. Start the picture in MS paint, put a unitary black pixel in a random location, and conserve.

Thus, Tinder could hardly accept the images by his or her file title or relevant info, but expert graphics acceptance, not to say face treatment popularity should absolutely work if the gossip have merit.

Studies 1-2: Fast reset

For your 1st examination, we deleted my recent, 4 weeks older Tinder membership (using equivalent images i shall make use of for many tests) on my individual cellphone.

Then, without any elegance stage, we produced a new Tinder account using one of this new phone by using the over described methodology, using the same images as the aged levels.


40 likes on the first day, consequently

3-10 a day for an additional 7-day period. It is about level for that study course for my situation, there was actually certainly a noob boost.

We repeated this taste seven days later (removing this new profile, next creating another, brand new account) and have very similar information.

Taste 3: Concurrent the same Tinder kinds

Because of this examination, I didn’t delete the existing membership before generating a replacement. I recreated the exact same levels, along with the name, bio, and images made use of.


45 likes on the first day, next

4-9 daily for the next 7-day period. Par for the training.

20 time eventually, both these records continue running and producing wants at the same time.


Tinder is not fed sophisticated image or facial credit to identify its consumers, or if perhaps they certainly do, they’re definitely not carrying it out actually.

They are doing need a type of looks exposure provided by Amazon, which is certainly likely the reason behind these rumors (other than rejection). “AWS Rekognition” happens to be a new variety of graphics acceptance products though, the intention of and that’s to understand what exactly is taking place in photographs to categorize these people.

For the most part, they will use hash worth and metadata to find photos, which might quickly end up being deceived by eliminating EXIF info and ever so somewhat editing the look. Ironically, OkCupid and that is held by fit, utilizes (or familiar with use) a higher level approach to image respect in order to prevent bogus profiles or coming back banished owners. Be aware that the linked document scales from 2017. We are going to merely presume next, that expense of achieving this just worthwhile on the executives at either Tinder or complement for factors you dont need to value.


As soon as carrying out shape resets, observe the impression preparation path above as well as the remaining listed techniques in SwipeHelper’s Tinder page Reset Tips Guide. You will probably find EXIFPurge as an alluring device.

Much like food preparation, won’t anticipate the advertized outcome whenever deviating from the recipe.

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